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Dentistry is a broad area which includes various specializations that cater to all the dental needs of people. Our Dentists in San Jose are committed to improving people’s lives by offering dental services right from general dentistry to oral surgery. There are certain dental conditions which may require oral surgeons to perform a surgery.

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Our oral surgeons are specialized in dentistry that involves surgical treatments and deals with repair of mouth, jaw and facial conditions. They help in enhancing your beauty. Oral surgery is a vast area of dentistry that deals with all kinds of discomforts felt in the face or mouth.

What Oral Surgeons Treat?

Tooth loss: This occurs when the teeth get affected by infection or some injury. Oral surgeons help in replacing the missing tooth with dental implants.

Facial injuries / infections: Facial injuries that involve broken bones may need the help of an oral surgeon, to fix it. Oral surgeons also help in diagnosing and treating facial infections.

Jaw related problems: This can range from broken jaws to misaligned jaws. One may experience discomfort or difficulty while biting or chewing due to misaligned jaws. An oral surgeon, with the help of surgery, will be able to move both or either one of the jaws to make them properly aligned. This balances the functioning of your entire mouth.

Impacted teeth: Wisdom teeth, otherwise called as third molars get impacted in the jaws by not emerging out or emerging in the wrong direction. This may cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The affected teeth can be surgically removed by the oral surgeon to avoid further complications. This can relieve you out of the pain and improves your oral health.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ): It affects the jaw joints, affecting their movements and causes a lot of pain. However, TMJ can be treated through surgery.

Sleep apnea: If the patients did not find the machines to be responsive, they could opt for oral surgery where the oral surgeon may remove the oropharynx.

At Mai Dental Specialists, we have highly skilled oral surgeons who can help you out of pain or discomfort caused by your dental condition. We have a pleasant environment, which can be quite relaxing while you get treated.

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