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Wisdom teeth removal Treatment in San Jose

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Sanjose | Mai Dental Specialists

For most people, it becomes necessary to extract their wisdom tooth. It requires a surgeon to perform wisdom tooth extraction. When you have decided to remove your wisdom tooth, you should know what to expect during and after the removal of your wisdom tooth. You may feel apprehensive when your tooth extraction dentist recommends you to get your wisdom tooth extracted. It becomes a necessity to remove your wisdom tooth when there isn’t much space left in your mouth so your jaws cannot accommodate them to erupt correctly.

As a result, it tends to grow at the wrong angle. This ends up troubling other teeth in the mouth. Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars may damage the next teeth, which are called as second molars. Wisdom teeth extraction dentists recommend getting the wisdom tooth extracted before they become a problem that requires a complicated surgery.

When the wisdom tooth grows sideways, it gives space to accumulate food in between and ends up decaying the surrounding teeth.

It can also lead to a painful infection. You may have to extract your third molars for the following reasons:

  • Impacted wisdom tooth: They can be trapped in your gums or jaw bone, which can be painful.
  • Wrong angle: They may emerge out in the wrong corner and may apply pressure on the next teeth.
  • No space: If your mouth has not enough room for extra molars.

Before the surgery, it is essential to discuss with your dental surgeon. Let him know if you have any health problems. Also, update him if you are taking any daily medications. If you have any doubt regarding the surgery, feel free to ask him and get your questions clarified. Take some time off from work for your surgery so you can rest after your surgery.

During the surgery, you will be sedated so that you will not feel pain. Your surgeon may have to cut the gums or bone to extract your wisdom tooth. If so, stitches will be made, which will dissolve on its own after a few days.

If you are looking for wisdom tooth removal in San Jose, kindly do visit our dental office! We have a relaxing environment, where you can undergo wisdom teeth treatment. Our team of dental experts is keen to give you quality care and treatment.